A Salute to Fallen Heroes by James Oliveri

Enough Already!

   I’ve had it up to the gills with these so-called protesters who disrespect our country and our flag. Let’s begin with one of the great minds of the western world, Colin Kaepernick. Here’s a man earning millions of dollars as a football player (and not a very good one at that) who refuses to stand when the National Anthem is played. However, he ignores the fact that America has provided him with the opportunity to be ultra-successful, something no other country could do. Yet, he bites the hand that feeds him so generously, and, I might add, has shown no inclination to give back any of his paychecks as part of his protest.


   Kaepernick’s excuse for his disrespect is that the white people of America do not treat blacks and other minorities fairly. He obviously has no knowledge of the Civil War, when 500,000 white soldiers died fighting over the right of the Confederate states to keep blacks as slaves. This country has come such an incredibly long way since Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which freed more than three million slaves from bondage. One has only to look at the White House and our present administration to see how far blacks have progressed, and rightly so, in our society. No other nation has made such strides.


  Are we perfect? Of course not. But we’re far better than any other country in the history of the world when it comes to championing the rights of the oppressed. Slavery still exists in many other parts of the planet, but has been eradicated in the United States, where anyone with ability, brains, and motivation can achieve success. People who criticize America for its shortcomings would be better served by appreciating its many blessings, which far outweigh the warts.


   I don’t fault Colin Kaepernick for his misguided actions. I believe that he is somewhat naïve and lacks the intelligence to have devised this protest on his own. Someone with an agenda is obviously pulling the strings for him behind the scenes. The biggest problem I have with protesters like Kaepernick is that so few of them have ever had to risk their lives to earn the generous privileges they enjoy. It’s so much easier to disrespect your flag when you haven’t shed your blood to defend it.


   Having written all that, I fully agree with Kaepernick’s right to dissent. I, and many like me, fought to preserve that right for him, and some died doing so. Those who would disrespect our flag, and by extension, our country, are certainly entitled to their opinions, as long as they understand that those opinions are not necessarily the law of the land. I simply disagree with the manner in which they dissent.


   Instead of insulting the country that has given him so much, perhaps Kaepernick would do better to use some of his considerable wealth to finance legitimate activism for his cause. Oh, but that would mean a substantial sacrifice on his part, wouldn’t it? Without that sacrifice, Colin Kaepernick comes across as more than a bit hypocritical.


   Let’s talk for a moment about another truly hypocritical group – Black Lives Matter. I’ll tell you what the media will not. BLM has been at the forefront of many demonstrations, often violent, in protest of black citizens shot by police. Race-baiters, charlatans, and hustlers such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson frequently materialize at these events to fan the flames of a divisiveness that has been fomented by President Obama’s tacit approval of such actions. BLM prefers to focus on the handful of blacks killed by police while completely ignoring the thousands of black men around the country killed by other blacks each year. Until they begin to exhibit a fair and balanced approach to the overall problem, it is and will continue to be very difficult for anyone to take Black Lives Matter seriously.


   I’ll conclude by addressing the elephant in the room. Is there a worse hypocrite than Hillary Clinton, who will do or say anything to win an election? I continue to be astounded by the sheer numbers of Americans who support this reprehensible, corrupt woman. If “Lie, Cheat, and Steal” were a campaign slogan, Hillary Clinton would be its poster child. To me, the fact that so many would happily elect this vile creature to the presidency is a powerful indication that America has indeed lost its moral compass.


   Clinton has absolutely no interest in the welfare of the American people. It’s clear to me that her one and only intent is to acquire the power of the presidency so that she can again peddle influence on a grand scale in order to line her own pockets. I personally have had more than enough of politicians with their own agendas who do not focus on what is best for America. I cite the last eight years of Barack Obama’s “Hope and Change” policies as a perfect example. Under President Obama, our stature in the world has been greatly diminished. Our economy, which took four years longer than the rest of the world to recover from a deep recession, continues to stagnate. Our national debt has doubled in eight years to an unfathomable twenty trillion dollars. Racial discord is at its worst levels in my lifetime. Our once-elite military has been reduced to a mere shadow of its former self. We’ve become the laughing stock of the world. Need I go on?


   It’s time to wake up, America. If we continue on this destructive path we just might see the end of the United States as we know it. Please open your eyes and give serious thought to what you’re doing before you cast your vote on Election Day. Your very future and that of your children and grandchildren may depend upon it.

The Teflon Clintons


Well, the verdict is in, and it should be absolutely no surprise to anyone with even a modicum of intelligence that FBI Director James Comey has decided not to charge Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of classified emails. Of course he did. The fix was clearly in from day one. That became readily apparent when Attorney General Loretta Lynch held her highly questionable meeting with Bill Clinton recently and events quickly escalated from that point. Can you imagine President Obama scheduling a campaign trip with Hillary if he had even the slightest suspicion that she might be indicted? Sorry, Director Comey, but I expected better of you. In the end, you sacrificed truth and justice for political expediency.


Normally I would applaud the ascension of a female to the presidency of the United States, but what a shame that the first one might very well be the vile, corrupt, dishonest Hillary Clinton. This reprehensible woman with no record of accomplishment other than having amassed obscene amounts of money for herself, much of it obtained illegally, has no business being anywhere near the White House. Her long history of lies, distortions, and countless scandals should long ago have disqualified her from running for office. And let’s not forget about the considerable trail of bodies belonging to people associated with the Clintons who perished under “mysterious” circumstances. Yes, some of that may indeed have been coincidence, but how many coincidences can one couple have in their lifetimes? This is what occasionally results when someone has too much money, too much power, and a distorted sense of entitlement.


For far too long the Clintons have operated above the laws that apply to the rest of us. What has happened to our moral compass that we would consider such a despicable human being to lead us as president? Yet, even though Director Comey agreed in his statement that clear evidence was found of federal statutes violations, there was no recommendation to indict. However, Comey actually said that another person engaging in such activities could probably expect consequences. What further evidence is needed to prove that the Clintons can indulge in any manner of illegal actions without fear of repercussions? Oh yes, there is still the review by the State Department to determine if Mrs. Clinton’s security clearance should be terminated. But who among you seriously believes that such action will be taken against someone who may become our Commander in Chief?


It astounds me that so many Americans are either too naïve or too ignorant to see the evidence clearly laid out before them. More likely, many of them choose to ignore it. Elect anyone, as long as your party and its ideology remain in power, isn’t that it? Well, remember the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it.” The enthusiasm and gratification of this election may evaporate quickly if Clinton wins. The only American certain to benefit from Hillary Clinton occupying the Oval Office will be Hillary herself. And she is sure to continue driving America down the slippery slope created by Barack Obama.


Now may finally be the time for Americans to rise up and put an end to the gross obscenities generated by Washington. We can begin by throwing out the establishment that has brought us to the brink of disaster, Democrats and Republicans alike. Our borders are non-existent. Millions of illegals have poured into our country unchecked, where they siphon off billions of dollars that should be reserved for citizens. Our national debt has doubled in less than eight years. We are more concerned with political correctness than we are with protecting our country. Our president seems to favor foreigners and foreign governments over our own people. We’re shackled with an unrealistic health care plan that is economically unsustainable. Our military has been depleted to the point that we may not be able to adequately defend ourselves in a major conflict. Our government, which has done its absolute best to divide us, now seeks to disarm us. I’ve come to wonder if much of this is actually by design. If I were seeking to bring down America, these are precisely the steps I would take to do so. Perhaps we should remove those responsible from both parties and replace them with old-fashioned patriots whose first priority would be the welfare of the American people.


If anyone takes offense at these remarks, that’s regrettable. But those who know me well also know that I speak the truth as I see it. To watch the United States transformed into a country where many more take from it than contribute to it pains me greatly. We are on the road to third-world stature, and not enough people seem to care. At my age I likely won’t have to deal with that much longer, but it saddens me to realize that if Hillary Clinton wins this election, my grandchildren may never see the greatness that once was America.


The Road to Disaster


For almost eight years I’ve watched with interest and despair as Barack Obama and his progressive agenda have steadily brought America to its knees. At first I believed him to be merely incompetent, often referring to him as the “Charlatan in Chief”. But carefully following this man of so much mystery has finally convinced me that he may truly be a legitimate Manchurian Candidate.


In reality, we know so little about Barack Obama. Someone has gone to great lengths and great expense to conceal much of his past to prevent us from learning information about him that we might find appalling. Obama burst on the political scene, seemingly from nowhere, and quickly ascended to the presidency despite having almost no qualifications for the job. This would have been nearly impossible under normal circumstances, but one or more highly influential mentors seem to have cleared the path for him while investing huge sums of money to finance his meteoric rise.


Obama has shown little apparent love for the country he leads. How could he? From what little information we have about him, we know that he spent much of his formative years not in the United States but in Indonesia. While he may indeed be a citizen on paper, his development has been quite different from ours. For example, he never had a chance to experience many of the things that make America great. As a child Obama never roamed the fields of Valley Forge or Gettysburg to glimpse our historic battlefields. He never viewed the Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell, or gaped in awe at the Grand Canyon. He never waved a flag at a parade or ate a hot dog with his father at a baseball game. He never walked the grounds of Disney World, went camping with the Boy Scouts or peered with pride at the Statue of Liberty. In short, he has no personal understanding of the unique American culture that most of us share.


As president, Obama has often exhibited unapologetic disdain for the country he leads. His “apology tour” upon assuming office set a negative tone for his administration. He left our borders unsecured, allowing millions of illegal aliens to flood into the United States unhindered. Obama even sided with Mexico in a dispute with the state of Arizona over immigration policies. He forced the Affordable Care Act on an unwilling country, granting healthcare to some who lacked it, but requiring many more to give up their plans and purchase new ones at greater and ever-increasing cost. He refuses to acknowledge that we are at war with radical Islam, and conducts only a minimal effort against ISIS to make it appear that he is actually doing something. Now he continues to promote his plan to bring many thousands of Muslim refugees to our shores, even though the countries of Europe who have done so have been devastated by the resulting violence and lawlessness. And no one has yet been able to explain to me why we allow radical Muslim training camps to operate unimpeded within our borders.


Obama regularly tramples on the Constitution by issuing highly questionable executive orders that appear to circumvent our existing laws. In some perverse way, I can understand this mindset. This is a man who has never worn his country’s uniform or risked his life to earn the many privileges he enjoys. It can be relatively easy to give away those rights if you haven’t had to fight for them. For those of us who have served in the military, this is a very bitter pill to swallow.


Now I’m beginning to wonder if something decidedly more sinister may be at work here. Is he truly just the most divisive president I have ever known (and I go back to Franklin D. Roosevelt)? Or is he merely the puppet of someone determined to bring down the greatest nation in the history of the world? In any case, I will be very happy when he leaves office, which brings us to our next monumental problem: Hillary Clinton.


It continues to amaze me how so many Americans can support this reprehensible woman whose only accomplishment in office has been to amass obscene amounts of money for herself. Clinton has such a sordid history of lies, deceit, corruption, scandal, and arrogance that it is almost incomprehensible that she could become the leader of the free world. Then there is the matter of so many people associated with the Clintons who have lost their lives under “mysterious” circumstances. Many will call this “coincidence”, and that may indeed be true in some cases. But just exactly how many “coincidences” can one couple have in their lives? This is the sort of thing that sometimes can happen when powerful people with money have problems to solve. The tendency at first may be to dismiss this out of hand, but first ask yourself how many people you know who died under “mysterious” circumstances. Probably not many. Sadly, we may never know the truth, just as we may never know the truth about Obama.


If Hillary Clinton does indeed acquire the nomination of the Democrats and is not indicted due to her email scandal, her likely Republican opponent will be Donald Trump. Now I must admit that Trump was not my first choice as nominee. He can be loud, abrasive, and vulgar, and sometimes says things that make me a bit uncomfortable. But there is a growing groundswell of support for a strong leader with no ties to the political establishment and a thorough knowledge of the economy. With Trump there is no question of his love for this country. Harry Truman was outspoken and profane at times also, yet I consider him one of our best presidents. If Trump is elected, I would expect him to do well too. He is a highly successful businessman and is smart enough to surround himself with the best people to help overcome his lack of foreign policy experience. Realistically, how much foreign policy experience did Barack Obama possess when he took office? Put Trump’s resume alongside Obama’s and tell me honestly who would be the better candidate to lead the country. In any case, if it comes down to a choice between Trump and Clinton, I will take Donald J. Trump every day of the week and twice on Sunday.


The 2016 election will be one of the most important in our lifetime. At least two new vacancies will likely open on the Supreme Court during the next four years. If Hillary Clinton wins election, you can be certain that those slots will be filled by progressive liberals, giving the court a decided leftist majority for many years to come. Clinton is also likely to continue the Obama agenda which has failed us so dismally, but with an even more radical approach at times. I’m hoping that Americans have finally seen the light and will steer our nation away from the road to disaster it has been following. We are the best the world has ever seen, and we shouldn’t allow anyone to lead us down a path that will diminish us as a nation and as a people.


The Fat Lady Prepares to Sing

Shortly after the election of Barack Obama, I wrote an article suggesting that America might eventually regret having installed such a radical liberal Democrat in the White House. It was an opinion shared by many of my politically astute friends. Now, here we are six years later, and things are exponentially worse than any of us could have foreseen.

Take a look around you. Domestically we are in a shambles. When Obama took office, the national debt was at ten trillion dollars. Now it has surged past seventeen and a half trillion and shows no signs of slowing. Many knowledgeable economists fear that we are approaching the complete collapse of our economic system. The “Obama Care” health system has been an abject failure no matter how the administration tries to spin the numbers, resulting in millions of citizens losing their medical plans. Many have been forced into the exchanges where they’ve had to purchase new plans that are both more expensive and less desirable. Our veterans are dying while waiting outrageous lengths of time for healthcare from the VA. There are far more people on welfare or receiving food stamps than ever before. Illegal aliens are flooding across our borders on a scale unprecedented in our history. The media continues to shield this president from criticism of one scandal after another that occur on almost an everyday basis and negatively impact the citizenry. Yet, what does Nero do while Rome burns? Instead of working in the best interests of all Americans, as he was elected to do, he takes multi-million dollar vacations on the public dime, plays an inordinate amount of golf, and consistently concerns himself with raising campaign contributions for his party.

On the international front matters may be even worse, if that’s possible. Syria is in complete turmoil with thousands of innocent civilians dead. Al Qaida, proclaimed “in disarray” by Obama, recently took over the key city of Mosul in Iraq and seems well on the way to recapturing control of that country. The Taliban has begun flexing its muscles in Afghanistan, eagerly anticipating the publicly-announced US withdrawal. In fact, the loss of American lives and treasure while attempting to secure those countries may soon prove to have been for nothing. Meanwhile, Russia seems intent on pursuing its expansionist goals in the Ukraine. The US released five senior Al Qaida operatives from Guantanamo in a move that may have even been illegal. And, ominously, Iran’s centrifuges are still rapidly spinning as that country nears development of a nuclear weapon. Our enemies no longer fear us, our allies no longer trust us and America has become the laughing stock of the world.

This president’s record is the worst I have seen, and I date back to Franklin Roosevelt. Barack Obama has proven to be the most incompetent, arrogant charlatan to ever occupy the White House. He was swept to victory in 2008 on a tsunami of support from liberal Democrats, who in their zeal to elect a radical leftist blindly flocked to him despite his apparent lack of credentials for the job. I understand that many Americans were not overly impressed by John McCain. But if you remove personality from the equation, McCain clearly had the far superior resume. Even today, forty percent of Americans rate Obama’s job performance favorably. Really? I wonder what it would take to earn him an unfavorable rating. Perhaps nuclear explosions in ten of our largest cities might do the job, but I wouldn’t count on it. Those who flocked to him represent partisan politics at its worst. Sadly, no matter how badly this man bungles the job, the liberal base will never admit to his incompetency. After all, to them the Democratic agenda far supersedes the national welfare.

So, it’s come to this. With two years remaining for the Obama administration, the fat lady may not quite be singing yet, but she’s certainly warming up backstage. I just hope we’re around long enough to see her step into the spotlight.

Truth and Consequences

I recently saw a post on Facebook depicting a photograph of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton with a caption claiming that they are the only two presidents to ever reduce the nation’s budget deficits. Really?

While Clinton did indeed have a budget surplus during his term of office and should be commended for that, the record shows that he is the only president since Calvin Coolidge to do so. Barack Obama, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. During just his first four years in office, Obama has run up a massive deficit of 5.1 trillion dollars, the largest in the history of the country. Where his numbers will lead during his second four years defies imagination and no doubt sends shivers up and down the spines of fiscal conservatives. In comparison, George W. Bush added 3.3 trillion in debt during his entire eight year term.

The Democrats have never been known to let facts interfere with creating their talking points. But seriously, to claim that Obama has reduced the deficit is simply and outrageously a blatant lie. There are millions of voters who will actually believe such nonsense. This, of course, is why the Dems do it in the first place. That and knowing how few of their low-information constituents will actually bother to fact-check such claims. And, of course, there never seem to be any consequences to these actions. But at some point, someone is going to have to develop the backbone to put a stop to this practice before the entire U.S. economy collapses.

The left is already actively promoting Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate in 2016. The thought of another eight years of Obama-esque spending is frightening at best. But the problem is that liberals now outnumber conservatives in this country. It will be very difficult for the Republicans to win another presidential election as long as the Democrats continue to give away “free stuff.” Unfortunately, it will probably take some type of national disaster to alter this trend.

Hillary is certainly not the answer. The esteemed Charles Krauthammer recently challenged viewers on national TV to name one accomplishment of Clinton as Secretary of State. I, for one, was unable to do so. Clinton also has a somewhat seedy early employment record, which her supporters have struggled mightily to conceal. That should speak volumes to the electorate, but it likely won’t. Partisan politics is now so firmly entrenched in this country that the records of the candidates no longer seem to matter. Many voters now blindly support their party no matter what. If he were alive today, Joseph Stalin could probably win election in this country as long as he advocated the give-away policies now utilized by the Democrats.

The 2008 election stands as a clear example of the problem. If you examined the records of the two presidential candidates, John McCain clearly came across as superior. In comparison, Barack Obama appeared as an unqualified charlatan who seemingly had no business even being on the ballot. Yet sadly, Obama won and the country has suffered for it since.

I have no idea who will emerge as candidates for 2016. My hope is that a fiscally conservative Republican will win and begin to reverse the downward spiral America now follows. But my greatest fear is that the radical left-wing liberals will again prevail, and that may prove to be an outright national disaster in its own right.

Danger from Above: Near Earth Objects

Recently, an asteroid 900 feet wide passed within two million miles of the Earth. While that may seem a comfortable distance, just a very minute change in the object’s path could have brought it into direct contact with our planet. The resulting impact at 28,000 miles per hour would have been catastrophic.

For comparison purposes, consider that Meteor Crater in Arizona near Winslow was formed about 50,000 years ago by a meteorite just 150 feet in diameter. Incidentally, a meteor by definition is an object that burns up in the atmosphere before reaching the Earth’s surface. A meteorite actually comes into contact with the ground. The energy generated by the Meteor Crater impact has been estimated as equivalent to the explosion of a 2.5 megaton nuclear weapon. A popular tourist attraction, the crater is nearly a mile wide and up to 550 feet deep. There are almost 200 impact craters documented worldwide, most of them much older than the one near Winslow.

Encounters with Near Earth Objects (NEOs) are nothing new in our geological history. In fact, small and relatively harmless strikes occur on an almost every-day basis. But impacts by large objects, though rare, can cause almost unimaginable damage. Sixty-five million years ago, an asteroid six miles wide struck near the Yucatan Peninsula, creating huge mega-tsunamis and ejecting vast quantities of dust and ash into the stratosphere. The resulting cloud circled the Earth for years, greatly reducing the levels of sunlight reaching our planet and thus severely limiting the growth of plant life. Scientists generally credit this event for causing the extinction of the dinosaurs by eliminating the food source for the plant-eaters that constituted the main diet of the great carnivores.

In 1908, an asteroid or comet exploded above mostly-uninhabited Tunguska in Siberia with a force 1000 times greater than that of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II. The shock wave flattened 80 million trees over 800 square miles of forest and produced an earthquake that would have measured 5.0 on the Richter scale. Had an explosion of that magnitude occurred over Moscow, it would have devastated that city. More recently, another object burst above Russia in 2013, damaging more than 1000 buildings and injuring hundreds of people. Fortunately, a second and larger asteroid being tracked by astronomers that same day passed us by.

Regrettably, the network that currently monitors our skies for these dangerous visitors only covers a small segment of the heavens. Sometimes NEOs are discovered just days prior to their closest approach. Other times they are not spotted at all until after passing us by. History dictates that it is not a question of “if” another large object will collide with the Earth, but “when.” Hopefully, before that happens, science will have devised a method to avoid such a calamity, or mankind could conceivably go the way of the dinosaurs.

What’s Happening Here?

Two black teenagers randomly shoot and kill a white Australian athlete for “fun.” Two other black teens brutally beat a white WWII veteran to death because they were “bored.” Yet, there is only silence from the so-called black “leaders,” Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the Charlatan-in-Chief, who should be screaming in outrage over these atrocities as vociferously as they do when white on black crime is involved.

The black community continues to shoot itself in the foot by ignoring such senseless acts of violence except when blacks are the victims. Any credibility that could have been gained from white society by leaders simply condemning these crimes has been forfeited. And, as always, the Mainstream Media is slow to react, if at all, since it does not fit its liberal agenda to do so.

Unfortunately, this is a complex situation that cannot be easily resolved. Black society refuses to acknowledge that these problems even exist. Who among them has spoken out about the fact that 70% of all black children are born out of wedlock, with no male authority figure to guide them in their development? Which leaders have openly acknowledged that most murders of blacks are committed by other blacks? And who publicly mentions that 50% of all murders in this country are performed by young black males? What about the gangster mentality that is so prevalent among teenage black males? Until the black community finally takes a firm stance against these issues, many whites will continue to have little sympathy for minority rights.

The worst problem areas seem to be the urban sections of the country that have long been controlled by liberal Democrats. It is difficult to fathom why, when faced with massive unemployment, out-of-control crime and poor educational opportunities, the citizens of these communities have continued to support Democratic leadership for so many years. That in itself is symptomatic of a much more insidious issue that affects all Americans, regardless of race.

Less than 20% of our current Congress consists of military veterans. That traditionally conservative group, with its clearly defined core values, has lost much of its influence in government due to declining membership. As a result, our rights under the Constitution have been repeatedly trampled in recent years. Perhaps it is time to stop electing “pin-striped warriors” and make military service a prerequisite for congressional eligibility. Many of our present leaders undoubtedly find it easy to vote away rights and privileges that they have not had to risk their lives to earn. As a result, their constituents suffer serious injustice.

The Obama administration, if it truly cares about the country, must reverse the divisive approach it has employed for almost five years. Our president should be working for the benefit of all Americans, not just those who support his agenda. Furthermore, the black community needs to take ownership of the problems it now refuses to acknowledge and actively work toward solving them. Senseless murders such as those of a young athlete and a decorated WWII combat veteran must stop. If not, then the nation will continue its accelerating descent down the slippery slope toward irrelevance.

Where Do We Go from Here?

November, 2012. The election is over, and Barack Obama will soon be headed for his second coronation as the self-appointed King of America. Now, with exquisite timing, comes news of fresh scandals, fraud, setbacks and coverups that, fortuitously for Mr. Obama, did not break prior to Election Day. How convenient. The administration insists that the resulting timeline for all this accurately portrays how these events played out. That might be acceptable to someone who just rode into town this morning on a turnip wagon, but the rest of us have questions. Where to begin?

First, the election itself. Several counties in Ohio and a handful of precincts in Pennsylvania reported that 100% of registered voters cast their ballots Tuesday. In one case, a total of 108% of the electorate voted. Very impressive, considering that the average turnout in this country is something around 50%. What’s even more impressive is that among those many thousands of voters NOT A SINGLE ONE pulled a lever for Mitt Romney! So we’re now to believe that in those wards no one was sick or hospitalized that day? Nobody got a flat tire or missed a bus on the way to the polls? Not one person stayed home to care for a child or parent? No one was out of town? That’s certainly an outstanding effort of getting out the vote by the Democrats, and in some cases, rallying more than were actually registered! And not ONE misguided soul, even in error, voted for the Republican? The president should reward his campaign workers handsomely for a job well done, perhaps with lifetime exemptions from Obamacare. Sadly, no one seems to have the stomach to challenge these results as yet. At least, so far, it doesn’t appear that thousands of dead people voted for the Democratic ticket this time. That’s something, anyway.

Next, the General Petraeus and General Allen scandals. We are now told that the FBI began investigating Petraeus, the Director of the CIA, several months ago for allegedly participating in an illicit affair. Then comes news that General Allen, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, is guilty of “sexting” 30,000 pages of flirtatious matter to a close friend of Petraeus. However, the president was purportedly told none of this until two days after the election. Really? We’re expected to believe that Attorney General Holder, a close personal friend of Barack Obama, failed to advise him of a serious breach of national security by the head of the CIA, let alone General Allen’s ill-advised “phone sex?” Even if this proves to be true, something that seems highly unlikely at this point, then Holder should be immediately cashiered for incompetence. After all, this is not his first fiasco. Whatever happened to Fast and Furious by the way? Meanwhile, the strange and highly-convoluted Petraeus investigation grows exponentially each day.

Let’s not forget about “Benghazi-Gate.” At his first news conference in eight months, President Obama called on selected journalists who lobbed obviously pre-planted softball questions. As a result, we were treated to enlightening discourses on the critical issues of global warming and immigration. Not one member of the esteemed mainstream media dared to ask the obvious: “Mr. President, why didn’t you send help to our personnel in Benghazi when they came under attack?” Obama mumbled something about instructing his staff “to do whatever needed to be done to protect American lives.” With all due respect, Mr. President, NOTHING was done. That can mean only one of two things. Either those responsible for taking action disobeyed your order, which seems highly improbable, or that order simply was never given. Much more needs to be forthcoming about this disgraceful and disturbing situation, and hopefully will be in the very near future. A bit too late, though, to influence the election… again.

Finally, data released today showed that new unemployment claims spiked last week to 439,000, the highest total in more than a year. Imagine that. Luckily for Mr. Obama, this news did not come a week earlier, or it might have had an adverse effect upon his re-election. Timing is everything, after all. The president certainly does seem to be drawing an inordinate number of inside straights these days.

So what happens now? It may not be pretty. In what seems like a time-warp development, several states (some say as many as forty) have begun circulating petitions requesting permission from the federal government to withdraw from the union. Now as a practical matter that will never happen. No electorate would ever pass such a referendum. But in theory, at least, that may not be such an outlandish idea. We have become so polarized in this country that fully one-half of the population will be fervently dissatisfied regardless of who sits in the Oval Office. The nation now consists of two nearly equally-sized groups who live by widely diverse values with neither able to abide the views of the other. How, or even if this can be resolved is anybody’s guess. Expect to hear much more discussion about this in the days ahead.

It should be extremely interesting to see where we go from here, assuming, of course, that we survive the Mayan predictions of doomsday on December 21st.

God Save Us!

Congratulations, America. You’ve succeeded in re-electing the Charlatan-in-Chief, Barack Obama, to the presidency despite his abysmal first term. Obama’s record during the last four years is so shameful that he certainly would have been dismissed had he held a management position in private industry. Yet, the majority of the electorate chose to return this man of no accomplishments to the White House. Very strange. This confirms what many true patriots have warned was happening to our country.

First, it is now obvious that the nation has become so polarized that people are determined to vote along party lines no matter how appalling their candidate’s record may be. No longer is it necessary to actually achieve anything to earn re-election. How else can you justify sending this man back to the highest office in the land? You might as well elect me president. No, come to think of it, I would be a better choice. I have some economic knowledge; I served in the military; I actually have a business background. Can Obama say the same?

Next, the transformation of America is continuing, and certainly not for the better. The very values that made this country great are disappearing every day. Moral standards that defined the United States as a model for the rest of the world have slipped away. What remains is not pretty. So a word to the wise: Prepare yourselves for a wild ride as we head down the uncharted path toward second-rate nation status.

Barack Obama, unfortunately, is our president for another four years or possibly even longer. Don’t be surprised if he finds a way to change the law of the land to allow himself the possibility of a third term. This man’s narcissism knows no bounds. As an American, I want to support him. I really do. But I cannot back a president who governs through misinformation, lies, incompetence, pettiness and divisiveness. To make matters worse, Obama is the most arrogant president I have ever known, and I’ve seen them all dating back to Franklin Roosevelt. Yet people continue to blindly follow this curious pied piper, oblivious to the blatant character flaws he displays daily. This is the same mass mentality that led to the distribution of Kool-Aid at Jonestown.

Four years ago in this very space I cautioned that America had just elected the most radical, liberal, left-wing socialist ever to inhabit the office of the President of the United States. Much of what I predicted has indeed come true. But even those more knowledgeable than I am failed to foresee the extreme issues this man would force upon us. Now the American people, in their infinite wisdom, have given Barack Obama a clear mandate to continue steering us down the road to ruin. The warning bells were sounding for years, America, but you ignored them in your rush to bring “change” to the country. Change? Yes, we’ve certainly gotten that and there will undoubtedly be more. I can only imagine the havoc Obama will cause now that he no longer has to concern himself with re-election. Unless, of course, that changes as well.

I wonder what real leaders like Eisenhower, Truman and Teddy Roosevelt would think of this president. I have to believe they would warn that the greatest threat to America is no longer an enemy from abroad, but from within. And now it’s on to another four years of amateur leadership, partisan politics, mean-spiritedness and diminished standards. God help us, we’ve become the instruments of our own destruction.

“Stand To,” America

When the British Empire was in its prime, soldiers were summoned to their posts by the bugle call, “Stand To.” They would then form battle lines to confront the threat posed by the Zulus, or the Boxers, or the Sepoys, or any number of Britain’s enemies. Today America faces a similar challenge, except that it is not a foreign enemy that threatens, but a domestic one.

By declaring President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act constitutional, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has nudged this nation further down the slippery slope toward socialism and totalitarianism. In the process SCOTUS has, in essence, created a new tax on our citizens without benefit of Congressional approval. How ironic. Since we once fought for our independence from Great Britain based on “Taxation Without Representation,” one can only imagine what the British must think about this astounding development. Finally, more than two centuries later, King George has successfully been replaced by Emperor Obama.

The Supreme Court’s decision has effectively enabled President Obama to continue his efforts to render the United States Constitution irrelevant. It is also a direct insult to the memory of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who fought and died to preserve the very liberties that are vanishing seemingly on a daily basis under the present administration. Make no mistake about it: America is under siege whether we choose to admit it or not. The nation has indeed undergone decided “change” since 2008, and not for the better. This president is determined to dilute or eliminate the very principles conceived by our founders that made this the greatest nation in the history of the world. By his efforts to “transform” America, Barack Obama has created the worst divisiveness in this country since the Civil War.

In four short years, Mr. Obama has doubled the national debt, forced through a health care plan opposed by 60% of our citizens, wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on inept and inefficient programs, failed to secure our borders and even sued an American state on behalf of a foreign nation. His policies have had no impact on the devastating unemployment crisis, caused the first downgrading of our national credit rating, failed to help the decimated housing market and made the United States a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. Despite this horrendous record of poor leadership, Barack Obama has repeatedly declared himself blameless. He has proven to be an incompetent and unqualified charlatan who should never have been on the presidential ballot in the first place. Yet 50% of Americans still support him for a second term, which seems almost incomprehensible. Can we even conceive of the calamity resulting from four more years of Obama when he no longer needs to concern himself with reelection?

So now it’s time to “Stand To,” America. Let’s put an end to a shameful national blunder. This presidential election will be the most important of our lives. If you believe as I do that the quality of life for our children and grandchildren will be severely curtailed for many years to come by the reckless policies of this administration, then we must make our opinions known in the voting booths this November. Our ship of state is foundering on the financial shoals created by Barack Obama. It’s time to restore the principles and policies that made the United States a paragon of greatness. Now. Before it is too late. We hold the future in our hands and in our votes. To reinstall this hapless regime for another four years would be to carelessly abandon more than 200 years of liberty represented by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Gettysburg Address. If we allow that to happen, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.